Helpful and worked at helping (visited some time in April or May 2023)
Stopped in on the off chance I might find a helmet to fit me (hard-to-find helmet size). This shop doesn't deal in my type of motorcycle or rider very much, but they went out of their way and bent over backwards to help me find a helmet that worked for me, and were successful. I was so suprised they would be so helpful to an old fat Harley guy who most likely wouldn't even be coming in for parts or other things again that I went ahead and got the other accessories I needed (charger, emergency light, phone holder, etc.) from them as well. The helmet they sold me is absolutely perfect. After that visit I emailed them to thank them and asked a technical question and they got right on finding the answer for me. When I was young, motorcyclists of all types were tighter than they are nowadays. I once had a grizzled old chopper builder just reach into his used parts bin and give me a stock Harley muffler that he thought might fit my Japanese motorcycle just because I needed one to keep on riding that week. It worked perfectly and I stayed out on the road on two wheels. It was all about the ride, and helping riders. This shop embodies that spirit. Harley dealers don't even do this anymore, and no Harley shop would have helped me as much as they did. It's good to know that there's a place I can go like this right here in the town where I live. Five Stars well earned.
Billy Wood
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